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Why Qingdao

Qingdao's Competitiveness
Although starting relatively late, Qingdao MICE industry is making rapid progress. With the first-stage project of Qingdao International Convention Center completed and put into use, Qingdao MICE industry catches up from behind relying on its advantages, such as tourism, marine environment and port, showing a fast development trend. In recent years, Qingdao has become one of the most active areas in MICE economy in China; MICE is an emergent and sunrise industry in the Qingdao urban economic development. A series of brand event, like APEC SMALL&MEDIUM ENTERPRISES TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE AND FAIR, International E-business Expo, fashion week, AIR SHOW, Fisheries & Seafood Expo and International Industry Fair have launched in Qingdao and gain good reputation from domestic and abroad. From 2006 to 2011, Qingdao constantly has been awarded “China Top Ten Exhibition Cities”.Qingdao is now the key network center of “One Belt, One Road” Economic Zone, and dynamic Meeting Destination City in China.  

At the end of year 2006, the second-stage project of Qingdao International Convention Center formally delivered which has a total area of 150000 square meters. Currently there are 7 exhibition centers in Qingdao, which are Qingdao International Convention Center,Qingdao International Expo, Shandong Agricultural Products Trading Center, Qingdao Yinhai International Conference Center, and Guidu Exhibition Center, providing exhibitions with 263500 square meters area , 11980 international standard booths in total. This shows the strong capability of Qingdao in hosting large-scale international events.

In 2015, 《Specific Fund Support Regulation of MICE Industry in Qingdao》was introduced by Qingdao CCPIT and Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau, aims at strengthening the supporting force for large-scale international conference,international conference certification and online exhibition hosting,thereby inspiring the market innovation vigor and attracting more and more foreign MICE projects launch in Qingdao.

Based on the regulation regarding the subsidy for large-scale exhibition, the first three editions of conference and exhibition could be subsidized 25%、20%、15% of venue rental respectively. In principle, the annual highest amount of subsidy could not exceed 500000 yuan. Large-scale introduction exhibitions which the exhibition area is more than 100,000 square meters will be subsidized by applying the One Project One Discussion principle.In addition, for the incremental subsidies, this will be rewarded based on the number of last edition of the exhibition. Set 500 square meters as the base, every increased 500 square meters will be rewarded for 20,000 yuan, the maximum limit of the reward is 500,000 yuan. If the exhibition has been certificated by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) or other related authoritative institutions, the subsidies will be rewarded at one time according to the actual costs, maximum limit is 300,000 yuan. Focus on rewarding major international conferences.

To accelerate the Internationalization of Qingdao Metropolis, Qingdao City will establish local Convention Bureau in 2017. To echo the great incentive policy initiated by the Government, BIT Congress is the Planning and Operating Corporation to support the resilience Strategies of MICE Industry under the auspice of Qingdao Municipal Government.


• Qingdao Exhibition General Overview

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Qingdao is a famous convention and exhibition city in China, and it hosted many influential international exhibitions. Qingdao is one of the top ten modern and vigorous economic cities, also one of the top ten business cities in China. Qingdao has named as the world's most beautiful bay.

As a world beer city and the world's sailing capital, Qingdao is the leading city of Shandong peninsula economic zone which approved by the state council. Qingdao is an exhibition city with distinctive features: open cities, port cities, brand cities, tourist cities, sea cities and Olympic cities. Qingdao port is the seventh largest port in the world. Haier, Haixin, Qingdao Beer, and Shuangxing are well-known Qingdao brands among Chinese and foreign enterprises. Moreover, Qingdao is a friendly cooperative city  that cooperate with 63 foreign cities.Meanwhile, 25 international and local professional standardization technical organization secretariats are located in Qingdao.

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• Key Events

1. Qingdao International Sailing Week

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Qingdao International Sailing Week was founded in 2009, and it opens on the every year’s third Saturday of August for two weeks. Qingdao International Sailing Week aims to pass on the Olympic spirit, develop international vision, and construct platform for international communication. Qingdao is striving to build a first-class internationally  sailing festival brand in Asia. Furthermore, Qingdao is going to continuously improve it's popularity and influence in the field of international sailing.
The 9th Qingdao International Sailing Week ---Qingdao International Ocean Festival, was held from August 11-20 (2017) at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. During the sailing week, the 2017 International College Students Sailing Competition is the first international university sailing event that held in Qingdao. Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College, University of California, Berkeley, Qinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other worldwide famous universities came and participated in this competition.
2. Qingdao Forum on International Standardization
Qingdao Forum on International Standardization is the only world class standardization forum in China. It is also a major exhibition event that newly introduced and will permanently settled in Qingdao.
On June 28 2017, Qingdao Forum on International Standardization grand opened in Qingdao Shangri-la Hotel. Over 400 worldwide representatives attended the forum, which included: ISO, IEC, ITU, United Nations System, International Union of Railways, Development Research Center of the State Council, Haier Group and other organizations.
3.  ASEM High Level Forum on Digital Interconnection
On June 20 2017, the ASEM High Level Forum on Digital Interconnection successfully accomplished the agenda and concluded in Qingdao. Near 600 delegates from ASEM members of the government, enterprises, business associations, research institutions and relevant international organizations participated the forum. The participants discussed about the construction of digital connectivity between Asia and Europe, and reached extensive consensus on strengthening digital interconnection.
The Forum results in the outcome document “Qingdao Initiative”, which reflects the aspirations and suggestions of ASEM members to deepen cooperation on digital connectivity. The “Qingdao Initiative”will be submitted to the ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting and Summit Meeting.
4. The 2017 Asia Media Summit
The Asia Media Summit (AMS) is an international media event that sponsored and hosted by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Authority (AIBD). Its first meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2004, it has been held annually after that. The Asia Media Summit attracted a wide range of national and international broadcast television organizationparticipants. Its partners included: the United Nations, the United Nations Development Program, the French Government, and the German Albert Foundation, etc. The next Asia Media Summit will be held in Delhi, India.
The 2017 Asia Media Summit was held in Qingdao on June 6-7. The summit focused on the global development of the new media era, and all participants discussed about how recent media deal with different kinds of  challenges in order to better serve the global development goals.
5. Qingdao was ranked among top 100 of Destination City of International Conference for the first time
On May 8 2017, International Conference and Conference Association (ICCA) released the 2016 annual global conference destination city rankings. With nine ICCA standard level’s international conferences, Qingdao has been ranked as the 68th in the Asia-Pacific region.
6.Qingdao International Folklore Festival
On April 21 2017, the first Qingdao International Folklore Festival raised the curtain in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. More than 100 domestic and foreign departments participated in folk culture, global folk cultural communication, boutique products trade, folk culture performance and world food tasting.
7.China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM)
China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition was established in 1991, and it has been successfully held 52 sessions. In recent years, the exposition has became a "must-have " event in Qingdao pavilion.
As Asia's largest pharmaceutical machinery industry professional exhibition, the exhibitors of CIPM came from all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Japan, India and other countries. The exhibition has varies of categories, it contained pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machine, , drug testing equipment, medical crushing machinery, and other equipment. The exhibition was warmly embraced by the industry.
8. The first Qingdao International Beer Festival was successfully held in 1991, which let the world knew the city---Qingdao. Nowadays, Qingdao’s beer festival has become the largest and most influential beer festival in China.
9. Radish Lantern Festival is one of the largest traditional folk activities in Qingdao, and it originated from the long history of Qingxi Temple Fair and Panned Sweets Exhibition. It has a history of 700 years, and has been listed into the National Key Tourism Projects and Qingdao Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
10. The Great Success of C20 Conference
The C20 Conference is an important supporting event of the G20 Summit. It is a platform for civil society making recommendations to governments and community around the theme of the G20 Summit. More than 210 worldwide representatives gathered in Qingdao discussed regards to the "eliminate poverty, green development, and innovation driven" topic. Above all, President Jinping Xi sent a congratulatory message to the conference.
11. Airport Cities
The Airport Cities is the world's largest and most influential industry event. Airport Cities 2016 was held in Qingdao for the first time. Over 400 guests from 20 countries discussed on "leading regional development, promoting economic prosperity" topics, and dedicated their intelligence and creative ideas.
12. The EU-China Business&Technology Cooperation Fair
Comparing with the previous EU-China Business&Technology Cooperation Fair, the one held in 2016 has been further expanded. The fair invited about 450 Chinese and European business representatives. In addition, it held China-Europe Marine Science, Technology, Economic and Trade Cooperation Peak Forum, Low Carbon Environmental Protection Industry Cooperation Forum, and Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Forum.


• Venues’Introduction

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1. Qingdao International Convention Center
Qingdao International Convention Center is a modern intelligent exhibition hall with a collection of exhibitions, conferences, business, catering, and entertainment, etc. The nearby environment is graceful, and its transportation is very convenient. The exhibition center covers an area of 139,300 square meters: with an indoor exhibition area of 55,000 square meters and an indoor area of nearly 40,000 square meters. There are 7 indoor pavilions, which can set up near 3000 international standard booths. Convention and exhibition center has one luxury smart conference room that has a capacity of 406 people. As a result, the condition of the exhibition center fully meets the exhibition meeting or event needs. From 2000 to 2013, there were 899 exhibition held at Qingdao International Convention and Center.

2.Qingdao Xinnan International Expo Center
Qingdao Xinnan Expo Center is located in the northeast of Laoshan Mountains, about 30 kilometers away from the airport. Therefore, the transportation is very convenient. With a total construction area of about 220,000 square meters, the Qingdao Xinnan Expo Center could accommodate about 6000 standard booths. As the largest international expo center in north China, it can undertake large professional industrial machinery and equipment exhibitions and all kinds of other forums, meetings as well.

3.Shandong  New InternationalExhibition Center of Agricultural Products
The new exhibition center of Shandong International Agricultural Products Exhibition Center was completed in October 2012. This new exhibition center is a multi-functional modern pavilion that combined exhibition conference, business leisure and service promotion together. It is located in the economic developed area in Qingdao.
Shandong New International Exhibition Center of Agricultural Products consists of two large areas, indoor and outdoor. The total construction area of indoor area is 35000 square meters. The outdoor area is divided into east and south: the east square covers an area of about 17,000 square meters, and the south square occupies an area of about 10,000 square meters. More than 1200 international standard booths can be set up in the pavilion.

4. Two new Convention and Exhibition Center
The two major new exhibition centers, China Railway Expo on the West Coast and Hongdao International Exhibition Center has been officially started in 2016 and are scheduled to be completed in 2018.


• Qingdao West Coast New Area

 In recent years, Qingdao West Coast New Area has held a series of excellent high-end exhibitions, which have made this new areabecame an international spotlight. In the past two years, it attracted  Ping’an Financial Group, Alibaba Inc, Gree Electric Appliances Inc, Intel Technologies, EPSON, Roche Pharmaceutical Ltd and other well-known enterprises and institutions to hold more than 200 large forums and exhibitions in this new area.

As a state-level new development area, Qingdao West Coast New Area’s economy has developed rapidly. The GDP growth rate was more than 11% for three consecutive years, and the regional economy has surpassed several prefecture-level cities in Shandong province. In 2015, there were 67 investment projects from fortune 500 enterprises in the world. In the past two years, more than 1,000 industrial projects have been introduced, of which more than 340 have been opened.

According to the 2016 annual report, the total GDP of Qingdao West Coast New Area was nearly 2900 billion RMB, with an significantly increase of 12.3%. The revenue of the public budget exceeded 200 billion RMB, which exceeded 9 prefecture-level cities.

On August 25, 2017, the signing ceremony of key projects was held in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao. The total investment of Transport & Business District was 378 billion RMB. This project involves: business services, energy supply, headquarters economy, trust financing, and other fields.

On August 26, 2017, the 2017 Qingdao West Coast Night International Marathon started at 11pm. More than 10,000 athletes from 18 countries ran across the coastline, and greet the sunrise in the early morning. The athletes praised that this marathon is the most romantic marathon ever. The live webcast attracted nearly 1.2 million views. It was the first night international marathon held in mainland China, and it has been certified as A-level competition of Chinese Athletics Association.

On September 6, 2017, the founding ceremony of the Beijing Genomics Institute in North Center was held at Qingdao West Coast New Area Zhongde Ecological Park. Qingdao West Coast New Area also became “the world's first million - class population area that fully covered by genetic testing ". Meanwhile, the park has completed 13000 square meters construction. In addition, this project will build the largest comprehensive national ocean gene bank in the world, and develop basic scientific and applied research on sea life. At the same time, the International Union of Marine Genomics was officially established in Qingdao West Coast New Area.

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