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Why Qingdao

Qingdao's Competitiveness
Although starting relatively late, Qingdao MICE industry is making rapid progress. With the first-stage project of Qingdao International Convention Center completed and put into use, Qingdao MICE industry catches up from behind relying on its advantages, such as tourism, marine environment and port, showing a fast development trend. In recent years, Qingdao has become one of the most active areas in MICE economy in China; MICE is an emergent and sunrise industry in the Qingdao urban economic development. A series of brand event, like APEC SMALL&MEDIUM ENTERPRISES TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE AND FAIR, International E-business Expo, fashion week, AIR SHOW, Fisheries & Seafood Expo and International Industry Fair have launched in Qingdao and gain good reputation from domestic and abroad. From 2006 to 2011, Qingdao constantly has been awarded “China Top Ten Exhibition Cities”.Qingdao is now the key network center of “One Belt, One Road” Economic Zone, and dynamic Meeting Destination City in China.  

At the end of year 2006, the second-stage project of Qingdao International Convention Center formally delivered which has a total area of 150000 square meters. Currently there are 7 exhibition centers in Qingdao, which are Qingdao International Convention Center,Qingdao International Expo, Shandong Agricultural Products Trading Center, Qingdao Yinhai International Conference Center, and Guidu Exhibition Center, providing exhibitions with 263500 square meters area , 11980 international standard booths in total. This shows the strong capability of Qingdao in hosting large-scale international events.

In 2015, 《Specific Fund Support Regulation of MICE Industry in Qingdao》was introduced by Qingdao CCPIT and Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau, aims at strengthening the supporting force for large-scale international conference,international conference certification and online exhibition hosting,thereby inspiring the market innovation vigor and attracting more and more foreign MICE projects launch in Qingdao.

Based on the regulation regarding the subsidy for large-scale exhibition, the first three editions of conference and exhibition could be subsidized 25%、20%、15% of venue rental respectively. In principle, the annual highest amount of subsidy could not exceed 500000 yuan. Large-scale introduction exhibitions which the exhibition area is more than 100,000 square meters will be subsidized by applying the One Project One Discussion principle.In addition, for the incremental subsidies, this will be rewarded based on the number of last edition of the exhibition. Set 500 square meters as the base, every increased 500 square meters will be rewarded for 20,000 yuan, the maximum limit of the reward is 500,000 yuan. If the exhibition has been certificated by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) or other related authoritative institutions, the subsidies will be rewarded at one time according to the actual costs, maximum limit is 300,000 yuan. Focus on rewarding major international conferences.

To accelerate the Internationalization of Qingdao Metropolis, Qingdao City will establish local Convention Bureau in 2017. To echo the great incentive policy initiated by the Government, BIT Congress is the Planning and Operating Corporation to support the resilience Strategies of MICE Industry under the auspice of Qingdao Municipal Government.

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