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Who could be a Hosted Buyer?

To be qualified to the Hosted Buyer Program, all applicants will be measured based on a strict qualification process to prove our Hosted Buyer have purchasing power, potential for business, geographical representation, etc. Thereby ensuring the effectiveness and productive of face to face meetings. To be more specific:
• Have future business to place (especially in China or the Asia region)
• Give evidence of past business placed outside of your home country
• Be a senior decision maker with the authority to procure MICE products and services
• Indicate the number of events you hold annually
• Advise the level of annual budget you manage

Hosted buyers' obligations
• As a hosted buyer, in addition to the business travel preferential treatment, there are some obligations you need to obey:
• Firstly, you need to make a certain amount of appointments with exhibitors via WMD PSA system online before the event, and during the event, you must complete at least 10 appointments each day.
• Secondly, All WMD hosted buyers are free to choose forums and networking activities etc. to attend.
• Lastly, you need to return the completed appointments form to the registration desk before you leave, and then perfectly finish your WMD business trip.

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