Welcome to WMD-2017
World MICE Industry Day 2017

Theme: Boosting Silk Road Meeting Industry

Time: October 25-27, 2017

Place: Qingdao, China


Program Layout

Stream 1: Main Conference
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Celebration for the Formal Launch of WCOA
Part 3: MICE Leader Summit
Stream 2:Concurrent Forums
Block 2-1: MICE New Leadership Champion
Forum 211: The New Strategy and Direction for City Development
  • - The Voice of Silk Road Mayor on MICE
Forum 212: China-Korea-Japan Alliance for Growth
Forum 213: The Driving Force for City Internationalization
- Roles of Convention and EXPO Bureau
Forum 214: Dimension of Conference & Convention Industry
Forum 215: Women’s Power in Inspiring our Community
- The Female Leadership in Meeting Industry
Block 2-3: Society/Association Meeting Management
Forum 231:Forecast the Association Meeting Market Trend
Forum 232: Strategies for growth: How to build reach and relevance
  • - Members/New Products, Services Delivery, Expand Regions.
Forum 233: AMC VS PCO
  • - Who is More Functional?
Forum 234: The Secret of Successful Bid to Host the
International Association’s Conference
Forum 235: Dialogue: Tell us your Story
  • - Best Experience on your Events
Development Strategies for Exceptional Events
Block 2-2: Governmental /Corporate MEGA Event Green Growth
Forum 221: Policy “Climate Change”
  • - Empowering Strategy of Governmental MEGA Event
Forum 222: How to Stand out from the Competition for PCOs?
Forum 223: Lower Expense VS. Higher Quality
  • - How to Utilise Creativity to Reduce Corporate’s Costs and Maintain Budget?
Forum 224: Risk Management in the MEGA Event
Forum 225: New Model of PPP for MEGA Event
Block 2-4: New Strategy and New Growth for DMC and Venue Management
Forum 241: New Actions of DMC Alliance to Promoting
MICE Industrial Development
Forum 242: Service SOP for International Meeting City
Forum 243: Hotel Management and Service Innovation
- Creating memorable meeting experiences
Forum 244: In with the New,in with the Old
- A look at new meetings and old ones that keep evolving
Forum 245: Best Practice of Green Venues.
- Increasing Sustainability Credentials For More Business Opportunities
Block 2-5: Top 10 MICE Technological Innovations
Forum 250: VR/AR
Forum 251: Beacon Tech
Forum 252: Wearable Technology
Forum 253: Social Media and Mobile Technology
Forum 254: Big Data
Forum 255: Data Management Technology
Forum 256: Live Meeting Technology
Forum 257: Robots and Drones
Forum 258: 3-D Printing
Forum 259: Meeting Management Software
Stream3: Education
Stream 3-1: The Best Standard Operating Procedure for Meetings Stream 3-9: Destination City Management and Marketing
Stream 3-2: How to Build Your Brand of Conference? Stream 3-10: The CEO Forum
Stream 3-3: NGO/IGO based Events
(Professional Association/ Association Management )
Stream 3-11: How to Set up the Course of MICE?
Stream 3-4: IVY Forum Stream 3-12: Certification (UFI\ICCA\IEEE\University)
Stream 3-5: Master Lectures
– Cooperated with BIT Speaker Bureau
Stream 3-13: IAPCO & WCOA Joint Meeting
Stream 3-6: In House Education - Overcoming Barriers Stream 3-14: Sailing Class
Stream 3-7: Program on Meeting Industry Research Stream 3-15: Smart Meeting
Stream 3-8: New Championship Forum Stream 3-16: Events Makers Innovation Competition
Stream 4: Business & Career Development Events
Stream 4-1: Project Roadshow Stream 4-5: B2B,B2G Matchmaking
Stream 4-2: PSA onsite: 1 to 1/ Face to Face Stream 4-6: MICE Destination Promotion Briefing
Stream 4-3: How to Get the Bid for the MEGA Event? Stream 4-7: MICE Investment
Stream 4-4: .Personal Branding & Staff Development Stream 4-8: MICE on Air, Roundtable, Dialogue, Visual Participation
Stream 5: Exhibition
Zone 1: Airline & Cruise Lines Zone 9: Event Support Services
Zone 2: Attraction & Entertainment Zone 10: Hotels
Zone 3: Conference/Meeting Venue Zone 11: Housing /Hotel Booking
Zone 4: Venue Finding Procurement Zone 12: Media
Zone 5: Destination Management Company/Services Zone 13: MICE/Business Travel Association
Zone 6: Destinations Zone 14: Travel Management Company
Zone 7: Professional Conference Organizer Zone 15: Mobile App Provider/Reservation/Registration/Lead
Retrieval Systems
Zone 8: MICE Men Play Room Zone 16: Technology Providers
Stream 6: Social and Cultural Events
Activity 1: Hosted Buyer Ice Breaker Activity 6: MICE Professional Photo EXPO and Award
Activity 2: Tsingtao MICE Beer Festival & Golden Camel Award Activity 7: Running MICE Men
Activity 3: Society Night: Meeting with Society Secretary General Activity 8: Culture Tour in Qingdao
Activity 4: MICE Global Village(Night Club) Activity 9: Industrial Sponsored Happy Hour
Activity 5: China Smart Health  
-Release stress for hosted buyers
Activity10: Post-Event Tours
(Huangdao District)
Activity 11: Miss. MICE   

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